The New Skybell Trim Plus Narrow
Similar to the brand's HD doorbell, the Trim Plus boasts 1080p high-definition video resolution, night vision and access to the related Android and iPhone app. But the Trim Plus comes with two bonus features: a smaller design and optional battery power.

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Keyline Camillo Reader
Just place the key in the slot and the system will show the best references of the key blanks to be duplicated and the hook where they are located in only a few seconds. There are no buttons to push, no manuals to study and no personal computers to connect to!

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HES 1500 and 1600 Series Strikes
The modular design of the platform makes installing easier with interchangeable faceplates and accessories.  For the first time, the aesthetics of an electric strike are complimentary to other surrounding door hardware and blend in with the opening due to the fully finished design available in seven finishes.

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Wireless Cloning: Bluetooth & Power Adapter
With Bluetooth & Power Adaptor, 884 Decryptor Mini can be managed from any smartphone and tablet, Android and iOS, thus opening the door to cloning with Apple devices. Discover the Keyline Cloning Tool App for iOS, click on the icon!

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CompX 150 Series eLocks
CompX eLock 150 Series, available in cabinet and refrigerator versions, allows for audit trail reporting (last 1500 access attempts) and up to 250 unique ID codes to be entered. It is a keyless system – there are NO keys to lose or share. The eLocks can be programmed to read a facility's existing employee identification cards using HID proximity or HID iCLASS proximity card credentials. » Read more
High Security Restricted Locking System
ABUS locking systems are ideal for programs of various sizes, from small to large master key systems. The range covers keyed alike cylinders, small and medium master key systems, as well as large grand master key systems. If requested, the planning and calculation of the grand master key system can be done by ABUS. » Read more
Novi 4-in-1 Home Security System
With real-time picture notifications, motion and smoke detection, and a 90dB siren, you can always be aware of what's happening in your home. At 1/5th the price of traditional security, you can protect your home permanently for the same price as the installation cost of other options. » Read more
HPC Cylinder Eater
This drill attachment will chew up every cylinder you put in front of it! The interchangeable tips allow you to instantly devour mailbox locks, knob locks, deadbolts, IC and more, gnawing through shear lines with fool-proof accuracy. The optional carbide bit gobbles up high-security cylinders as well. » Read more
Schlage LE Series Wireless Lock
The Schlage LE wireless locks are ideal for interior openings that require increased security and control over who has access and when. Developed specifically for facilities that want to upgrade to electronic credentials for improved security and efficiency, it is ideal for interior & perimeter office doors, resident entries, common area doors and sensitive storage spaces with a mortise door prep. Read more
Cloud Access Control Solutions
Experience a true plug and play access solution and eliminate the costly wire runs to each door, the hassle of programming IP addresses and working with IT departments. Revolutionize your business and save up to 75% on installation costs.

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Wi-Fi Video Doorbell
Always know who’s at your door with the SkyBell HD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell. When a visitor presses the button, SkyBell sends a live video to your smart mobile device so you can see, hear and speak to the person at your door from anywhere—all in full HD.

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Power Supply and Chargers
Altronix eFlowPower Supply/Chargers with our optional LINQ technology lets you monitor and control power while reporting system diagnostics from anywhere via SNMP and Email. eFlow charges batteries 30-50% faster and offers an extensive complement of features including fire alarm interface. Integrate with eFlow to assure greater system functionality. » Read more
Trove Access & Power Integration Solution
Altronix’s Trove Access and Power Integration Solution is designed to easily integrate Altronix power with access controllers and accessories from the industry’s leading manufacturers.

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Magnetic Security with Capital Industries
What makes this magnetic cam lock so unique is that there are multiple magnets inside it, and in order to unlock, each of these magnets needs to be driven by magnets in the key. The orientation and location of each of these magnets is what will create an unlocking condition. » Read more
Integrated Keypad and Contactless Reader
This mullion format integrated keypad and contactless reader is rated for continuous outdoor use in exposed, unsupervised locations. Featuring genuine HID iCLASS SE, Seos, contactless technology, this access control keypad offers enhanced security by dual factor authentication. » Read more
Door Latch Cutouts In Seconds
With the EZY-JiG Latch Tool, you can make your own precision latch cutouts, on the job site, in just seconds. This state of the art tool allows you make factory-precise door latch cutouts without damaging the door.

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Master Lock Smart Padlocks
Master Lock Bluetooth Smart Padlocks turn your smart device into a key! With an advanced, easy-to-use app, you don’t have to worry about losing keys, forgetting combinations, or unauthorized key duplication. With anti-shim technology offering maximum security, these padlocks combine ergonomic features with strength, durability and reliability, making them the perfect choice for use at home, office, job site or school. » Read more
Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt
When you pair your Schlage Sense™ deadbolt with the Schlage Sense™ app you can check your lock status anytime you like within Bluetooth® range, as well as add and delete codes—giving you the final say in who comes and goes, and when they do it. Even better, users with Apple TV® can enjoy these tasks remotely.
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